The Innovation Spotlight Series

Introducing The Innovation Spotlight Series – a series of reports that will provide digestible and actionable breakdowns of areas of innovation within retail.

The retail landscape has undergone transformational shifts in the just past few years. Digital and mobile have fundamentally influenced shoppers’ buying behaviors, created entirely new touch points for marketing and commerce, and altered how customers interact with retail brands. At the same time, a seemingly endless stream of vendors launch new “solutions” every day that vow to solve retailers’ problems and make them more successful.

Amidst all this change, expectations have never been higher. Consumers expect great experiences from retail brands, or they will shop elsewhere. And retailers expect the right help from vendors and partners to deliver those experiences. To meet these high expectations, retailers must keep up with the dizzying pace of change, while also trying to hit top- and bottom-line goals.

It’s not easy.  We hear it every day from our clients:  there’s little time in the day to sort through emerging retail trends and to entertain pitches from snazzy new vendors.

Welcome to The Innovation Spotlight Series. Our intention with this new series of reports is to provide digestible and actionable breakdowns of areas of innovation within retail. We’ll unpack new and emerging categories — some that we fully endorse today and others that are not yet proven. Each report in this series will arm retailers with:

  • A narrative to define and think about an area of innovation
  • Context and facts to demystify an area of innovation
  • Reasons to care — or not to care — about a set of innovations based on how it impacts different types of retailers and shopper segments
  • Curated examples of the innovation and vendors that offer ways to address it
  • Metrics you can expect to improve as a result of the innovation
  • Talking points to explain an innovation to colleagues and management
  • Actionable steps to take if you decide to tap into the innovation

We’re excited to help our clients as they navigate the journey of innovation. This first installment in the series looks at Inspirational Shopping. There are many ways to create shopping experiences that inspire customers, and you won’t find “Inspirational Shopping” neatly tucked into a classification created by the research analysts or investment banks. And that’s exactly why we want to help you with it.