We’re Excited for Shoptalk

Sometimes it feels like technology moves at 1000 miles per hour, changing our habits and how we interact with each other in the process. The consumer is in the driver’s seat and technology is giving the directions for where we are going. These new behaviors trickle down and spread throughout everything we do, leading to a transforming in the way we shop too –  where the lines between discovery and entertainment are blurred and the physical and digital worlds blend. In some ways technology enables us to go back in time to when shopping was more personal in nature, in other ways it feels like we’re writing a script for a new sci-fi movie.

From wearables to VR and AR, drone delivery, 3D printing, gamification, on-demand manufacturing, you name it…Startups and technology providers are taking cues from innovations across industries – from transportation to dating to real estate – and applying them to the retail industry. It’s hard to keep up and not everything catches on.

At The Innovation Office, we closely monitor innovations that show early signs of disrupting retail and guide our clients on where the industry is headed. This is why we’re so excited about the upcoming Shoptalk conference. If you haven’t already caught on to the Shoptalk buzz, you should definitely check it out. With 3,000 attendees, 300+ speakers and 200+ CEOs, Shoptalk is sure to be an unprecedented gathering of industry leaders and technology disruptors that are reshaping how consumers discover, shop and buy.

We’re thrilled to actively take part in this nextgen commerce conference with the release of an exclusive report and a session led by our CEO, Bernardine Wu, on the redefinition of commerce – where it is headed and what steps retailers should take to stay ahead of the curve.

We look forward to seeing you in Vegas!!!